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Career Advice: PR

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What are the salaries like?
An MD at one of the UK’s most well-renowned agencies was quoted as saying “No one gets into PR for the money”. This sentiment definitely rings true! Starting salaries range from £20-25k and once you have climbed the steep ladder of success, Directors & MD’s of businesses can get anything from £80-120k+ essentially the sky is the limit. The good news is salaries have increased and the fight for talent is on.

What about the working environment?
Work hard. Play hard. Morning sell ins. Evening events and everything in between. The life of a PR is non-stop! Agency is very fast pacedand based on your client’s needs. In-house you need to be a master at managing internal and external stakeholders.

Do you need a degree?
It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Degrees used to be a prerequisite and some businesses still need them, however experience counts just at much. The PR industry is all about networking – so get out there.

What key skills and personality traits do you need?
The PR industry is evolving therefore your skills need to as well. Good communication skills and excellent writing ability are still a must. Also understanding the digital landscape whether that is through social media or digital marketing is now essential. How do these fit into a PR strategy? If you know that you are on the right path. Remember tenacity and confidence goes a long way in the PR game.

What about career progression?
PR skills are developed over time. Within 4 years expect to be an Account Manager. 6+ years – Account Director and above!

How can I get more clued up on the sector?
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