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Life of a Talent Partner

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What is a talent partner?

A Talent Partner differs from a 360 recruiter in that we work with only one client at a time on a recruitment project. It’s a consultative approach where we not only look at their recruitment needs, but the needs of the business, and the ways in which we can create, improve or streamline their processes.

What led you to work with Major Partners?

After working in a 360 recruitment role for about four years across Australia and the UK, I wanted to make the move away from a sales focused position to a project focused position, whilst still retaining the many benefits of working within an agency.  I saw the Talent Partner role advertised on the Major Players website, which was the perfect hybrid of what I wanted to do, so, I reached out to Major Partners to discuss the opportunity!

Walk us through a day working onsite vs. in the Major Players office.

Working onsite with a client is incredibly diverse and no one day is ever the same. Right now, I’m writing this whilst on a train to Yorkshire where I’ll be working onsite with Social Energy for the next two days. Working onsite generally means I have a lot more face-to-face time with the client - a lot of my day is taken up with meetings I’ve coordinated with the team / hiring managers. When I’m back in the Major Partners headquarters, I’ll do most of my resourcing and admin work there.

What do you do to understand a company’s brand and culture, and how do you find the process of this?

The best way to learn about a company is to be part of it and be there in person. Speaking with the staff (not necessarily the big bosses) is where you find out the truth of how a company operates and its culture.

Who do you interact with most onsite?

Definitely the hiring managers! About one month into the contract, I’ll be sending multiple CVs for 10 or so roles and I will need to book interviews, get feedback on interviews etc. I’m always knocking on their door to give them a gentle, polite nudge – but it gets the results!

What’s your dream contract?

What I’ve found so far is that every contract is so different; their expectations, their requirements etc. The contract I’m working on at the moment is an incredibly interesting one. The team are so engaged with us and they’ve really bought into the Partners offering. When this happens it just makes the process so much easier. In addition, we’ve got about 13 diverse roles to recruit for!

What makes this contract really exciting is that we’re offering more than just a recruitment service. Being a tech start-up that was only established in April last year, Social Energy needs our help with establishing their processes, developing a recruitment plan, creating a benefits package and producing a company handbook. We are offering a more holistic consultation on every aspect of their business. The energy in here is also very contagious, plus I enjoy the diversity of travelling to Yorkshire for two or so days a week!