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Socialfixt X Major Players Presents Fix Your CV

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Tues 25th Feb 2020

Stuck on getting your CV up to scratch?
No Idea on how to design your CV?
Confused on what to put on your CV?

For you it may be the end of college/University, the looming of summer holidays or the perfect time for a career shake up, but to us it sounds like the perfect time for a CV clinic.
For this session, we have recruiters across the industry sitting in house to provide 1-on-1 CV help. The aim is to make your voice and experience stand out from the stack.

We are about more than just the theory of recruitment and so are pleased to be able to offer this practical clinic with the aid of the Red Bull Studio space.
So give your CV a much needed update and have it ready to be dissected and reconstructed by leading recruiters.
in partnership with Major Players.

Venue: Red Bull Studios 

Time: 6pm - 9pm