Major designer
This category will award the best design from a designer in any format that includes; packaging, brand, media, print or retail. The judges will be looking for clarity of communication, great craft and execution based on the target audience and context of the brief. The best will also show the results from the work or campaign.

Full Major designer criteria

Major freelancer
This award spans all specialities from copywriting, design, social media or even photography. You will need to have delivered outstanding work in your field and have worked as a successful freelancer for at least a year and able to demonstrate great feedback from a range of your assignments over the past year.

Full Major freelancer criteria

Major creative
We are looking for an individual who has displayed innovation and outstanding concepts across a range of media. It could be a piece of work or a full-scale campaign. This is where you’ll find a number of crafts merging into one ‘creative’ award. We’re looking for breakthrough work in any form of media that displays creativity.

Full Major creative criteria

Major PR
This category is based on the best contribution of an individual to their business in the form of traditional comms, digital media or a campaign that was innovative. The judges will be looking for originality and creativity in your work. Show clear qualitative and quantitative results. Ideally this should be around a specific project, but more than one initiative can be evidenced.

Full Major PR criteria

Major marketer
This is open to any level marketer from assistant to director that has shown exemplary results for their business. The entry will reward an outstanding marketing project or campaign that has delivered innovation, influence and effectiveness. Judges will be looking for evidence with ROI, impressive strategic approach and putting the customer at the heart of the project.

Full Major marketer criteria



Major agency
This award is for the best industry agency within any creative specialism. We are looking for an agency that has had a significant year and is clearly setting the bar for others. You should demonstrate innovations, great service, evidence of significant client wins, internal growth/reconfiguring investment and performance information and expertise in multi-discipline experience.

Full Major agency criteria

Major brand
We are putting this one out to the public! We will shortlist a list of the most prolific brands that have been in the headlines in the past year and will ask you to vote for your favourite.

Full Major brand criteria

Major interactive campaign
This award will celebrate a compelling campaign that utilises a variety of marketing disciplines in fresh and exciting ways. (There must be a minimum of two – e.g. direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion etc.). We need evidence that you led an impactful and intuitive concept that has been rolled out through various channels in an innovative, impressive way. You need to show a media mix, which demonstrates outstanding creativity, consistency of brand message and the achievement of key objectives.

Full Major interactive campaign criteria

Major social media campaign
This award is for the best social media campaign from the last 12 months. We are looking for a campaign that shows creative thought and expressed something different across multiple social
platforms, but above all have achieved great results.

Full Major Social Media Campaign

Major innovation
This is open to any team or agency in a creative, marketing and digital discipline that has shown outstanding innovation in their work or campaign.

Full Major INNOVATION criteria