About The Majors

The Majors, in conjunction with The Drum is now in it's third year and goes out to all those individuals and teams who chisel away tirelessly at the creative coalface to deliver those rare, shiny diamonds of outstanding work. To those who deliver innovation, creativity and results, The Majors salutes you!

There’s a glut of industry awards out there, but most of them focus on the success of the business. And, yes, The Majors does that too, however, that's just a tiny part of the way we recognise 'wish-I-did-that' work. For starters, we don't charge for entering our awards.

Entry Details

The Majors is free to enter and you can enter as an individual or as a team. 

How do you enter:

  • Register your interest so that you can receive updates on deadlines and the awards night.
  • Decide what category or categories you want to enter and read through the category requirements. The outlines are available here.
  • You will then need to fill out the entry form for your category, answering every question. 
  • Upload your completed category form along with supporting documents through the enter now page. 
  • If the files are to large or you are having trouble uploading please send your entry to sebastian.parker@majorplayers.co.uk
  • You will receive a confirmation once your entry is submitted.

Entries are now closed - see the 2017 finalists here

Nominations & Awards Night

The Majors 2017 awards night will take place in October, this will be held at the Major Players HQ and all finalists, judges and guests will be invited. 

Finalists will be announced once the judges have completed and reviewed the entries and scored the work. This is normally a few weeks after the deadline. All finalists will receive an invitation to the awards night.