The Majors in association with The Drum - Awards that celebrate the best in creative, marketing and digital

For the second year running, Major Players is delighted to once again launch The Majors.

The Majors, in conjunction with The Drum, goes out to all those individuals who chisel away tirelessly at the creative coalface to deliver those rare, shiny diamonds of outstanding work. To those who deliver innovation, creativity and results, The Majors salutes you!

There’s a glut of industry awards out there, but most of them focus on the success of the business. And, yes, The Majors does that too, however, that's just a tiny part of the way we recognise 'wish-I-did-that' work. For starters, we don't chaefor entering our awards.

'This is the second year running for The Majors. We work with hundreds of clients and agencies and thousands of talented creatives, marketers and innovators, so we're in a position to give back recognition to those who deserve it' says Jack Gratton, CEO of Major Players.

Awards categories:


• Major creative
• Major PR
• Major marketer
• Major designer
• Major freelancer
• Major innovation
• Major social media campaign


• Major agency
• Major brand
• Major interactive campaign


  • Alice Farmiloe – Editor In Chief – Grazia, Closer and Heat
  • Andrew Gaukrodger - Global Digital Manager – Unilever
  • Rae Stones, Creative Director, Edelman
  • · Victoria Buchanan, Creative Director, Tribal DDB
  • Lawrence Weber – Innovation director - Karmarama
  • Victoria Beercock - Head of PR and Marketing , Adidas,
  • Stephen Waddington -‎Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum
  • Laura Bambach - Mr President, SheSays 
  • Asa Cook - Creative Director, Design Bridge
  • Eloise Smith - Executive Creative Director (LoweProfero)

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