Be A Boss Girl

Major Players joined forces with SheSays to host Be A Girl Boss, a panel discussion with four talented creatives at our central London office.

What was the event about?

We teamed up with SheSays to bring a panel of talented and successful women creatives together to discuss how individuals can move up in the creative world and shape their future. 

Who was on the panel?

•    Jo Wallace, Creative Director, JWT

•    Fabiana Xavier, Senior Creative and SheSays London President

•    Katie Carruthers, Creative Director, Digitas

•    Rosa Rolo, Director, Major Players

What happened during the evening?

Nearly 100 creatives descended upon our Covent Garden office to hear the panel give advice, tips and talk about their experiences of powering ahead in their careers. The topics discussed included; how to get that promotion, advice on negotiating the best salary, how to stand out creatively and how to stay tuned in to the best and most current roles.

A summary of the key points made throughout the discussion

What advice can you offer somebody who is looking to get a promotion?

The key theme covered by all our panellists was not to shy away from the conversation and to ask for what you deserve. Katie pointed out that on the whole, women don’t ask for nearly as much, or as often, as their male counterparts. Collect your stats and outline what you have managed to achieve so far then use these when discussing your promotion and salary increase.

How should you approach negotiating the best salary?

The most important thing highlighted by the panel was to talk about the salary you are worth and not use your current salary as a starting point. In the US, many States have made it illegal for hiring managers to request a candidate’s current salary. This is an initiative adopted Major Players three months ago choosing to place candidates on their skills and experience – not their current salary.

Rosa explained that using our salary survey will help give you a clear understanding of where you are in your career and the figures you should be asking for.

How do you make yourself stand out creatively?

From a recruitment perspective, Rosa advised following up after an interview or meeting and not relying on your recruiter to do this for you. From a more creative aspect, Katie highlighted the importance of making your work speak for itself and Jo and Fabiana mentioned the importance of jumping at opportunities and gaining access to platforms that help grow your career. Fabiana described how SheSays has given her a platform to be heard and from and to stand out. Most importantly though – be true to you.

How do you stay tuned into the best roles and forge contacts to get you in the door?

For Katie, saying yes to events and networking opportunities is a must, as well as seeking out individuals after an event. Rosa backed this by saying how networking and staying in touch with past, employers, recruiters and interviewers is incredibly beneficial. Rosa also highlights the importance of social media in connecting candidates to jobs and industry news.

How do you navigate your career in a male-dominated industry?

Rosa touched upon the importance of creating a strong support network advising women to find a work partner that shares your beliefs. Fabiana shared her own experiences, how this made her feel and how she overcame this – never working again with the agencies that made her feel unheard. Jo reiterated how important it is to call colleagues out on their behaviour and to not brush the issue to the back of your mind – speak up!

When asked to share one piece of advice that the panellists would give themselves ten years ago, the four speakers were unanimous.

All four women revealed that they would tell their younger selves to stop comparing themselves to other women. Katie said women shouldn’t bother with imposter syndrome; most women experience it but should stop making unhelpful comparisons.