Working in the Design & Digital sector

We asked our specialist to answer some questions about working in the Design and Digital sector.

What are the salaries like?

“For a junior role you would be starting on around £18-22K, a mid-weight designer could command around £25-45k and an Art Director £55-65+.”

What about the working environment?

“It can be very long hours but that is usually the case in the creative sector. However that’s only if there is a project coming to a close, so it might be really busy one week with lots of overtime and then calm the next.”

Are there opportunities to freelance?

“The freelance market is booming at the moment. It’s great for mid-weight to senior level candidates and you can make a lot of money out of it. You can do a variety of jobs with a broad skill base. However if you are new to the industry, it could stunt your development so best find yourself a permanent position to establish yourself first.”

Do you need a degree?

“About 99% of our clients request candidates with an HND, BA Hons or the equivalent in a relevant subject, such as advertising or graphic design. There are other courses to look at too– the D&AD do some really good ones and they are widely recognised.”

What key skills and personality traits do you need?

“Firstly you need tons of ideas, enthusiasm and of course a talent for creative work. It is always good to try and develop yourself further but always make sure you are skilled up on software’s, such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.”

How can I get clued up on the sector?

“Campaign, NMA, and the D&AD are the main sites to keep an eye on.”