Who's Your Momma - How to get to that next step in your career

Find out how to move up in the creative world and grow your career to where you want it to be.

During the Who's your momma event we welcomed an interesting debate and discussion from the panel made up of;

Eloise Smith, ECD Lowe Profero;
Julie Seal, Creative Strategist at Facebook;
Cheyney Robinson, CCO of IBM iX
Fiona Harrington, MD at Salt.TV
Stef DiGianvincenzo, ACD at AKQA.

In the final part of our series they each discussed their views and advice on how to move up in the creative world. Find out how to put yourself forward for the next step in your career.  

View part of that discussion here.

Click below and view the whole Who’s Your Momma event!

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