What makes a good portfolio?

Chris McCabe

Chris McCabe from our Design and Digital team shares his tips on what you can do to make your portfolio stand out.


Tip 1 – Get your portfolio online

It is the gold standard of being in the digital space. Just make sure that you password protect any client work that you don’t want the public to see. If you work with tools like Invision or Marvel, it is a great way to show prototypes and also if you work with motion graphics you can present your show reel.


Tip 2 – Less projects more content

Around 4 or 5 case studies are great, just make sure you have end to end design processes laid out in a case study format. Particularly if you are a product designer, you want to be answering questions such as, what is the problem we are trying to solve. How do we know that is a problem? And how do we know that the problem has been solved? That coupled with pixel perfect designs and you are good to go!


Tip 3 – Balance and consistency

You want to be able to tell your story without showing any weaker work and it is also worth spending some time on your personal branding. Especially with typography and layout, keep it clean and let the work speak for itself.


Tip 4 – Know your portfolio inside out!

When you are invited in for an interview, make sure you are able to go into detail and answer any questions they ask. It is also good to have real data to show impact and results. This shows that you are a problem solver and appreciate what it takes to create effective solutions.

What makes a good portfolio?

Want to improve your portfolio? Chris from our design and branding team gives his top tips on what makes a good portfolio.