Top Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

Influencers 2.0

Influencers were a big thing throughout 2016, but are we already getting bored of them?

Brands should look beyond celebrities like Kim Kardashian if they want to create viral campaigns, says global managing director at Social@Ogilvy, Thomas Crampton. He argues that while big influencers offer an initial boost, second-tier influencers give a campaign heft and momentum.

For Adidas, the next phase of influencer marketing is Tango Squads – communities of hyper-connected 16- to 19-year-old football obsessives operating on direct messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Adidas senior director of global brand communications Florian Alt argues that the message is far more authentic if you give it to 500 kids than one global influencer.

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Chatbots are changing our conversations.

Chatbots are a major game-changer that improves real-time, 24-hour engagement with consumers. Advances in artificial intelligence and programming enable chatbots to answer customers' queries. The responses make sense because they're all based on how the human brain works. A chatbot essentially is the sales associate who never sleeps and always is ready with a prompt reply.

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Give your social content an expiration date. Think Snapchat!

Snapchaters know there is something alluring and Intriguing about having content that will disappear and never be seen again. Generation Z’s decreasing attention span will make expiring social content even more crucial. The element of urgency cuts through online noise and clutter, instantly capturing the user's attention.

The premise is simple: Look now, or lose your chance forever. This gives the content more worth and makes seeing something special again. Those brands savvy enough to harness its potential are finding it has an amazing upside.

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Crowdfunding Validates New Products

When you think of crowdfunding, you might envision films or artisan leather wallets. To the surprise of many, globally crowdfunding istrending to surpass venture capital by the end of this year.

Smith & Bradley, Ltd., a U.S.-based tactical watch manufacturer has launched seven Kickstarter campaigns to validate new designs for their line of watches. Five of the campaigns received market validation. The other two didn’t make the cut.

This strategy will shape new and interesting products that will come out of this crowd sourced way of production.

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TV’s resurgence gathers pace

Next year, expect more marketers to reassess their opinion about the value of TV. Much has been written about the surging popularity of online video at the expense of more traditional media, yet in 2016 we have seen many online brands invest heavily in television content and advertising.

News and culture website launched its first TV channel in the UK, Viceland, through a partnership with Sky, while Facebook Live and YouTube are both running TV campaigns to promote their services and self-made stars. Such advertising shows that while these brands live and breathe online, they also need the huge reach and pull of TV to attract consumers in the first place.

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