Moving agency to clientside

Top 5 tips from Raoul Rechnitz


Position yourself correctly

This means having a look at the experience you have gained and the sectors that you have worked in and seeing how those might overlap in your target role. I have seen a very good example of an Account Director at a major agency, moving over to the third sector clientside.


Pay or Salary

In many cases you might see a pay rise when you are changing roles. However this might not happen when you are changing from agency to clientside. This is simply because it is a very different style of working and the client will want to see how you are adapting to change.



It may be a good idea to take freelance or contract positions that can help you gain that much needed experience and help you get your foot in the door. It may not always lead to a permanent position; it is much easier to negotiate that possibility from a freelance role.

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Grow your own personal brand

This means fully utilising the poser of linkedin, becoming an influencer, growing your social platforms. This comes with knowing your market really well and contributing to it constantly.


Be realistic

It is a very different environment you are looking to move into, a big shift. However, by knowing why you are doing it will help you flourish in your new role.


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Agency to clientside - Raoul Rechnitz

Raoul shares his top tips for moving from agency to clientside roles in marketing and communications.