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Despite the methods of recruiting and retaining talent adapting to include AI and smart searches, one thing remains, a written CV. This is still the leading method for presenting yourself, with a killer CV likely to land you that interview.

However, for those that are looking to stand out whether it is for a new role after many years in the same job, something in the creative industry or just wishing to spruce up your old CV format, here are a few trends to watch out for this year.

Lead with your best bits

Before putting pen to paper, you should identify which are your strongest achievements throughout your career and lead with these. Front loading your CV in this way will ensure that the hiring manager reading your CV will be immediately informed of your credentials. List these as key bullet points at the top of the page.

Let your metrics do the talking

As well as leading with your strongest accomplishments, let the metrics do the talking. Start each point with the results you achieved. Whether that is turnaround, transformations, growth plans or acquisition, numbers shout louder than words. Start with the result and work backwards to really impress. 

Mix up the format

Your most noteworthy experience and achievements need to remain in the top third of your CV. Education and career history, although relevant, should not take up space on the first page. This is the area where the hiring manager or recruiter will spend the most time, therefore make sure you make this section attention-grabbing.

Less is more. The design does not need to be complex and you can’t guarantee that every person viewing your CV will be on a system similar to yours. Stay away from boxing your information and stick to a clear bullet point layout that is easy to scan.

Mobile is king

The chance of your CV being viewed on a portable device such as a mobile or tablet is becoming increasingly common. It is therefore advisable that you make your CV mobile optimised. By doing so you are making it even easier for the hiring manager to absorb your information. 

Present yourself on screen

With nearly every platform out there now video focused, CVs are no different. Include links to individual video projects or an introductory video about yourself.

Don’t be afraid of social

Having an online presence is becoming increasingly expected. Choosing to openly share these with your employers such as your LinkedIn and Twitter profile could help you stand out from the crowd and prove that you have a genuine interest in your industry. If your chosen career is advertising make sure your social profiles reflect this and that you are actively engaging with the conversations surrounding this industry outside of what is expected. 

Finally, when looking at your social profiles, make sure that you are being consistent. These two halves of your professional profile should match seamlessly.

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