These are exciting times ahead in the creative, marketing, media and digital sectors which are growing three times the rate of the wider economy.

The UK’s £71 billion creative sector is one of the nation’s most important industries, driving economic growth and supporting jobs. What is also encouraging is the value has increased by 15.6% in the past eight years and also employs 1 in 12 of the UK workforce.

Most agencies we work with are recruiting, whether immediately, or in the near future, and the demand for talent is high.

This year’s salary survey has unearthed some highly positive statistics directly from the people who work in the sector which strongly supports the economic statistics cited above.

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Key Trends

Pay increases

There has been significant pay increases across all disciplines, either by progression in the same company or moving jobs. The highest pay rises were seen in planning & strategy (41%), account handling (38%) and tech/UX (37%) all receiving a pay rise over 10% above the national average of 2.5%.

Why do people leave their jobs?
By far the biggest reason for people wishing to leave their jobs is limited career progression in their current role, followed by remuneration.

Job satisfaction
Overall, satisfaction in the creative marketing and digital disciplines is high, with around 70% are largely satisfied in their current role. The highest satisfaction levels are present in content, editorial and social, followed by PR and marketing.

The need for a better work-life balance has become increasingly more desirable for all, with flexible working the most sought after benefit. This was favoured even over a bonus.

Those in the industry are well-educated - around 82% have a degree or Master’s.