Small Back Room


The feeling of being connected with other human beings, to the places we live in and to the brands we interact with everyday has a huge influence on the health of our emotional well-being.

When we move to a new place some of these connections get left behind, the sense of belonging to a place or group is lost, and the anxiety of starting new relationships can take grip.

There are platforms that already help with messaging, organising events, dating and place discovery. But there is nothing especially for someone who is new to an area.

What if there was a digital platform we could all use that helped kick-start new relationships?

A platform that connects us with the places we call home, and shows us how we can live them; that helps us meet our neighbours, shows us new places to hang out, and invites us to join up and try.

What is it called? What does it look and feel like? Create an identity for the app and show us the campaign to launch it.

The identity and visual tone for the app must stand out within a busy marketplace of lifestyle and social platforms. It should not focus on one specific demographic, but must have the appeal of a broad age group; 25-45.

A distinct looking brand that places and its people will want to join up to.

How to Enter:
Upload your creative to LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram by tagging @MajorPlayers and using the hashtag, #MajorCreativesSBR. 

Monday 25th May, 6pm. 

Judges: Small Back Room

The #MajorCreatives

Over the next few months we will be launching a variety of briefs as set by key industry figures; to challenge and inspire our #creative communities and to drive positive social change during these unprecedented times.

Each entry will be judged by our esteemed panel, with winners inducted into a new category for The Majors 2020, with an overall winner chosen on the night. We will also share our favourites with our community of over 42k creative champions! 

Please note: your work will not be used for commercial purposes either by the organisation who has set the brief or Major Players.

Good luck!