Salaries in creative, marketing and digital have increased by as much as 30% for some, now is the time to assess your worth

Working as the MD for the UK’s leading creative, marketing and digital recruitment agency, it’s exciting to witness distinct optimism during a buoyant period.

There are exciting times ahead in the creative, marketing, media and digital sectors which are growing three times the rate of the wider economy. The UK’s £71 billion creative sector is one of the nation’s most important industries, driving economic growth and supporting jobs. What is also encouraging is the value has increased by 15.6% in the past eight years and also employs 1 in 12 of the UK workforce. Most clients we work with, both agency and brand with are recruiting, whether immediately, or in the near future and the demand for talent is high.

With digital, social media and big data taking centre stage, digital marketing is now the central engine of growth for many companies," Gartner predicts that within five years, by 2017, CMOs will be spending more on IT than CIOs.

Our annual salary survey has unearthed some highly positive statistics directly from the people who work in the sector which strongly supports statistics cited above.

Key Trends

  • Pay is increasing at around 10% or more across the disciplines but can be as much as 30%
  • There were plenty of promotions in all areas, mainly internally, but some candidates moved companies and changed jobs to gain progression
  • There is a continued demand for digital experts both in-house and agencies with skills shortages evident due to the high volume of jobs
  • Many candidates are becoming freelancers where it’s sometimes possible to earn more money and enjoy a more flexible working pattern
  • Those who work in the industry are generally a bright bunch, with the majority at degree or masters level. On average around 85-90%
  • London will continue to be the hub for agencies, yet we are seeing smaller an offshoot locating to London’s surrounding counties

Now is the time to make hay and exploit career opportunities while budgets remain generous. Whether it’s using this period to increase your productivity in your existing role and directly contribute to your business growth. Or perhaps it’s time to navel-gaze and assess your own situation. Are you in the right job, the right company and could you be earning more?

A good place to start is oursalary survey. Find out how you compare to your peers and perhaps seek some inspiration for your future career.

The full findings and detailed salary comparisons are available if you download our latest Salary Survey