Protecting your personal brand - Joanne Lucy-Ruming

Whether it’s finding your dream permanent role or lining up the next portfolio-boosting freelance gig, we all know how hectic job searching can be.

Talking to dozens of different recruiters each day, trawling through LinkedIn and applying for jobs can be time consuming and often confusing, but are you making sure you are protecting your brand along the way?

Your CV or portfolio is your brand – it’s your ticket into the best companies and agencies out there and there is really only one way to protect your reputation and brand – control your information!

We are finding it’s becoming more common for candidates to have had their details shared multiple times to the same client.

This can often lead to tricky situations down the line as companies receive duplicate applications from the same candidate via different recruiters which can complicate the process and waste the client’s time which reflects poorly on everyone - including the candidate.

Ultimately it’s up to you to make sure you protect your brand, know 100% where your details are being sent and partner with trustworthy recruiters who will always ask your permission before sending you anywhere.

Here are some tips to help control your brand
  • When speaking to recruiters make sure you know the names of the clients where they are sending your details – you can also ask recruiters to confirm to you in writing (email) when they send your details out
  • Be organised. Keep a folder or a spreadsheet to refer back to so you don’t forget where your details have already been sent (most recruiters will have a period of representation of between 6 and 12 months after they have introduced you)
  • Partner with trustworthy recruiters – make sure your details are not being sent out without your permission
  • Only apply to roles that you are relevant for, you often only get one shot with clients to make a good impression
  • Keep your recruiter up to date with changes in your work history, interviews etc…

Major Players will never send your details without your prior permission and only send your CV or Portfolio to existing clients and live roles.

Joanne Lucy-Ruming
Manager - Freelance 

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