Managing Mental Health In A Pandemic

Enforced is back... but this time we’re a little more prepared. In lockdown, our normal coping strategies might not be available to us, so this is the time to draw on our inner resources to cope the best we can.

If there is anything lockdown 1.0 taught us, it’s that we are all impacted differently. With this in mind, we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how you can take of yourself mentally and emotionally during lockdown 2.0.

Create a daily plan
We thrive off structure and routine.
If you’re not careful, the blurred
boundaries between work and
home life can throw this all off
balance. Whilst it might be tempting
to lie in and stay in your PJ’s, try
and keep to your daily routine as
much as possible.

Sticking to a routine will not only
make you feel grounded, but it will
also feel rewarding knowing you got
the most out of your day.

Start with mindfulness
The benefits of learning to get out
of your head and into your body is
highly rewarding. By being mindful
the present, it is impossible to dwell
on the past (depression) or worry
about the future (anxiety).
Start your day right with a
meditation session using apps
including Calm and Headspace.

Train your brain
Practise gratitude for the positive
things in your life right now rather
than focusing on the things you
don’t have. By writing down what
you’re grateful for (i.e. your health,
your cosy bed, close friends),
you can train your mind to focus
upon the positives rather than the

Eating and Drinking Well
What you put in your body will
affect how you feel about yourself.
Be conscious of your food choices
as these will impact your mood,
energy and productivity. Also,
remember, alcohol is a depressant
in some people. Enjoy the
occasional tipple, but call yourself
out if you notice it negatively
impacting your everyday.

Move your body
Try and exercise, even it’s for 15
minutes. By doing so, your body
releases feel-good hormones,
endorphins and serotonin, which
gives you a natural energy boost
and triggers positive feelings within
the body.

Plus, your body also becomes
better at managing cortisol levels
- the hormone that’s released
in response to emotional or
psychological stress.

Balance Your Acitivites
During the first lockdown you may
have felt pressure to hustle harder
than ever. And whilst it’s satisfying
to tick items off your to-do list,
there’s also merit in giving yourself
a break and doing activities that are
just for fun.

What nourishes you or brings you a
sense of joy? Maybe it’s an online
yoga class, a group meditation
or a gaming session. Whatever
you’re into, make sure you strike a
balance between essential tasks
and mindful activities that are just
for you.

Give yourself a break
It’s normal to be experiencing ups
and downs at the moment. On
down days, be extra gentle with
yourself. Remind yourself how far
you’ve come, and take a moment
to appreciate the positive things in
your life.

Plan for 2021
You may have had to put alot of
things on hold, but nevertheless,
start planning for the future. What
holidays would you like to go on?
What hobbies do you want to take
up? Make a 2021 bucket list.

Embrace Moments of Joy
Whilst major events like birthdays,
weddings and holidays have been
put on hold, try and spark some joy
in the little things within your days.
Perhaps its a text or email you’ve
received, the early morning sunrise
or your favourite show on Netflix
releasing a new season!
Being grateful for the little things will
improve your positivity and mental

It's Good to Talk
Ensure that you have open,
honest and compassionate
conversations with someone you
trust - it’s incredibly powerful and
empowering. Internalising conflict
over the long-term can be very
inflammatory, affecting your mental
and physical health.
Never be afraid to seek professional
help and keep trying different
people until you feel comfortable
and find the right fit.

This Isn't Forever
Everything is temporary. Negative
feelings you may have now, won’t
be there forever. Remember, there
are much, much brighter days
ahead of you!