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Major Partners: Why recruitment isn’t always a one-size-fits-all

Kate Moss, Major Partners manager, explains why recruitment isn’t a one-size-fits-all and how Major Players have created a new way to hire which is more flexible, consultative and ultimately a better approach for growing businesses. 

I head up Major Partners, a new offering from Major Players which essentially sees us placing a dedicated Talent Partner internally with our clients to address any aspect of their recruitment needs and build a connection to the brand.

Talent Partners are specialist consultants who will work internally with clients, to become thoroughly ingrained with their company ethos and culture, making things happen quicker and ultimately ensure we’re sourcing the best talent for our clients.

Explain the Major Partners approach

We offer a tailored service, depending on our client’s needs. It could be managing the end to end recruitment process; it could be developing onboarding processes, the provision of training or purely sourcing talent.

The fact that we can work in close proximity to clients means we can truly collaborate with them and address their unique business challenges and develop solutions for these. This, in turn, offers better control for the business. We can tackle detailed briefs at the source and quickly relay these to candidates, with the added bonus of being able to advise exactly what it’s like to work there. This then, makes for a faster, more agile and efficient service.

Who have you partnered with since launching?

The clients we’ve worked with to date have all been really varied; anything from creative agencies to global advertising agencies and well-renowned brands.

How have you helped a client?

One key client was struggling to attract the right talent after a recent relocation.  We were able to gain solid insight and change the perception of the business in the wider industry and as such source some fantastic talent who otherwise might not have considered this business.

We’re able to service a variety of clients really well as we have instant access to a database of over 400,000 candidates; we also have immediate access to all of our specialised consultants within Major Players covering any area our clients might require and offering an operational advantage.

Where is Major Partners heading?

Major Partners has been really positive. We have worked with some great clients, we’re excited about the future and we are engaging in new contracts all the time. If you’re interested in your business partnering with us, get in touch with me today.