Interview with Creative Directors Dave & Rob

What does a good idea look like to you?

Something that leaps off the page. A good idea is a good idea, whatever the medium. The ‘bottom right hand corner’ on a press layout is generally the most important bit - if the thinking isn’t right there, the rest of the layout is irrelevant.

What is your pet peeve in portfolios?

Students thinking that you need to see the brief they were given. They need to treat the viewer as the consumer, not their tutor. Any idea should make sense without explanation. Also remember the people reviewing your work don’t have an awful lot of time. Books need to be quick.

Top tips for juniors on how to get to the top

Humility, hard work and perseverance. You work is obviously important but show the agency you can fit in, that you’re not precious about what project you take and most importantly you listen (and learn) to the advice given to you. Saying hi to the receptionist each morning isn’t going to do you any harm either.

 Where do you get your creative inspiration from?

The best ideas come when you relax. When a brief first comes through it can be quite daunting. Just soak it all in and don’t panic. The worst thing is stressing about it. Over time, you learn to have confidence in yourself that there will be an idea. And another one. Back yourself.