How to present yourself on social media

Be active

Don’t have dormant accounts that don’t do anything. Be present, be consistent. Frequently post and engage with other users. You want somebody to look at your twitter feed and instagram account and see that you use them properly. You don’t start something and then abandon it. Be an active participant that’s always got something to say.

Be engaged

Share industry news or market developments that interest you, position yourself as somebody with a thirst for knowledge, somebody eager to learn. There are tons of great industry news sites and blogs to get great tips, tricks and incites from. Show that you’re always looking to learn and talk about developments in your industries. Comment and retweet other people’s shares, thank them for sharing.

Be relevant

Talk about relevant things going on in your industries and the world. Show that you not only engage with industry and market news, but current affairs, breaking news and trending topics and issues. You’re somebody that is plugged into what’s going on in the world and able to engage with others about it.

Be nice

Seems like an obvious one, but it’s vital to be presenting nothing but positivity across all of your public social profiles. It’s important that you articulate any views and opinions in an objective manner. Don’t publicly use offensive and rude language or ‘troll’ other users. Employers don’t want to see that you spend all your time on twitter slagging everybody off.

How to present yourself on social media

Digital Marketing guru Dave Newman gives us his top tips on how to present yourself on social media when looking for a new job or when you work in a professional environment.