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How to impress the judges

What’s better than knowing you’re acing your creative field? How about having your industry fellows also acknowledging you’re at the top of your game and receiving an award that holds more credibility than your twitter bio.

As part of the 2018 Majors – an award system created in conjunction with The Drum which celebrates creative individuals and teams that have spent the past year excelling in their field – we’ve been questioning the judges to uncover what they are looking from this year’s pool of candidates and how you can impress with your portfolio.

Sarah Warman, Brewdog – Major Freelancer, Major Innovation

“In today’s marketing landscape, shouting loudly just doesn’t cut it anymore; we need nuance, as well as crystal-clear, genuine purpose. I’m looking forward to seeing bold, fearless approaches that leave indelible meaning in people’s minds.”

Scott Mcleod, Everton – Major Marketer, Major Agency

“The key for me is true innovation. I'm looking for campaigns that really set a new benchmark and change the way an audience engages.”

Katie Carruthers, Digitas – Major Creative, Major Diversity

“I love any work that is more than just nice advertising fluff. I’m looking for something genuinely entertaining, interesting or useful, something that actually makes life better in some way.”

Christine Morgan, Debenhams – Major PR

“I am interested in seeing entries that respond sharply to the brief with ideas that feel fresh, smart, entertaining and engaging.  I am keen to see how endorsement has been earned across the piste from media to key opinion leaders as well as played out on personal channels.”

Ben Aronsten, CMO, Seedrs – Major Startup

"I'm looking for entrants that approached a brief, delivering tangible results with high creativity while utilising new or existing technology in a way that we haven't seen before. To achieve effective cut through, action and recall in the current environment is hard, so this is where true talent will shine through."

Justine Manche, Tata communications – Major Social Media campaign

“I would like the candidates to show me that the focus on data hasn’t killed creativity - I want to see how the creative thinking has been underpinned by the execution. However, creative ideas don’t always translate into great results so I want to see what the output has been and if the results have moved the needle in terms of brand awareness and sales.”

Richard Robinson, Econsultancy, Centaur – Major Diversity

"I want to see examples of where individuals or organisations have directly intervened with an initiative or project to make a tangible difference to diversity, inclusivity and equality in the marketing and creative community. I'm looking for an exciting activity that’s more than just words or headlines, something that’s delivered positive change to the wider community that we can all feel good about, and all feel proud of."

Scott Allen, Microsoft – Major Marketer, Major Agency

“As digital plays an even more critical role in our lives, I will be looking for entries that are original in their creative thinking but also where real insights have been used from the outset that genuinely helps solve the business problem that was put in front of them. This demonstrates a mindset of being rich on data but strong on insight.”

The deadline for submissions closes at 6 pm on the 24th August, don’t miss out!