English Football League brief

Football is the national game and unites people up and down the country with a shared passion. However, with this passion come a range of emotions both high and low and for those within the football industry there can often be moments of intense pressure and stress alongside the positive aspects of the sport. 

Come up with a name, brand identity and campaign to support the launch of a new mental health initiative aimed at promoting positive mental health among players, both professional and amateur at all levels of the game, fans and those involved in the football community. These could be anyone from referees, backroom staff and club employees to those working in football organisations. 

The name and brand identity should be unique and immediately identifiable in what is a crowded arena. It should favour neither one organisation or target demographic. The brand will be used across print and digital and within stadiums with social media playing a pivotal role. 

How to Enter:
Upload your creative to LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram by tagging @MajorPlayers and using the hashtag, #MajorCreativesEFL. 

Monday 13th April, 6pm. 

The #MajorCreatives

Over the next few months we will be launching a variety of briefs as set by key industry figures; to challenge and inspire our #creative communities and to drive positive social change during these unprecedented times.

Each entry will be judged by our esteemed panel, with winners inducted into a new category for The Majors 2020, with an overall winner chosen on the night. We will also share our favourites with our community of over 42k creative champions! 

Please note: your work will not be used for commercial purposes either by the organisation who has set the brief or Major Players.

Good luck!