Are wearables the future of publishing?

Recently the technology buzz for the year ahead has been focused on one thing, wearable technology.  It is said to be the next big thing in consumer technology. It will be interesting to see how things pan out over the year with the launch of products like Apple Watch, but one of the main questions for 2015 is how will it affect publishing?

According to the research firm Canalys, the market is expected to triple this year alone.

Spearheading the new digital platform are tech giants Samsung, Google, and most recently, Apple, which have all invested heavily in watches capable of displaying content from apps and online.

But with publishers budgets more stretched than ever, and mobile ad revenues still growing at a healthy rate, isn’t it a bit risky to pour money and time into a format that no one knows how it will play out? Yes and no.

Consumers have already embraced news content on the go in a big way, just look at how many people now read Buzzfeed. According to a report published by AppAnnie, news is the second fastest growing category behind games on Google Play. Venture Capitalists have also seen the potential for publishing on new platforms.

Last year, companies such as Vice, BuzzFeed, and Business Insider, collectively raised close to $200 million in content creation. The money it seems is in publishing companies embracing technology to distribute their content in new ways.

At Bullet News, the Samsung Gear S has provided us with a unique way to reach audiences who want to stay informed without having to commit to full-length articles.

We’ve seen increases in traffic, engagement with the brand, and even feedback on ways we can improve the service.

We’re not alone. When News Republic jumped into watches, they saw an upturn in downloads to the tune of 30,000. The FT, too has embraced wearables as a way ofdelivering paid-for content.

Fiveyears ago, many would have scoffed at the idea of mobile phones becoming thedominant way people consume content. But, as Apple did with the iPhone in 2007,they’re about to do same again with the company’s iWatch believed to bereleased in spring. This could change everything as it’s a product that is expected be something people actually want as it focuses on the design just as much as what the product actually does.

So will we be seeing news content attached to our wrist with live updates and breaking news notifications, or could it be more of a targeted buzzfeed to distract us even more from our everyday lives, we will just have to wait and see what 2015 comes up with?