Action On hearing loss


During these uncertain times, everyone is struggling to communicate and connect. Information around what we should and shouldn’t do isn’t always as clear cut as we would like. This is even more challenging for the Deaf and hearing loss community - as so much communication is inaccessible to them. Now that the Government is advising people to wear face coverings in public, many people in this community who rely on lipreading are facing further isolation. From lack of British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation at daily briefings to poor subtitles on TV, the D/deaf community are really struggling right now.

In order to raise awareness around this issue, we would like you to come up with a campaign or initiative that reassures this community and enables them to go about their lives as they would have before COVID-19. This could be targeted at people living with deafness or hearing loss, or even the general population, to make sure they’re doing their bit to provide support for these individuals, their families and professionals working with them. This could be based around topics such as transport, communicating with family and friends or promoting greater Deaf awareness around particular topics such as PPE, for example.

Your creative should be reassuring, comforting - but mainly - accessible. For example, for many Deaf people, BSL is their first language; written English isn’t always commonly used. Meaning visual communication is critical. This brief welcomes creativity across all formats and mediums, but with the key audience being the Deaf community.

How to Enter:
Upload your creative to LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram by tagging @MajorPlayers and using the hashtag, #MajorCreativesAOHL. 

Monday 15th June, 6pm. 

The #MajorCreatives

Over the next few months we will be launching a variety of briefs as set by key industry figures; to challenge and inspire our #creative communities and to drive positive social change during these unprecedented times.

Each entry will be judged by our esteemed panel, with winners inducted into a new category for The Majors 2020, with an overall winner chosen on the night. We will also share our favourites with our community of over 42k creative champions! 

Please note: your work will not be used for commercial purposes either by the organisation who has set the brief or Major Players.

Good luck!