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A day in the life of a consultant

Freelance Creative and Design Manager - James Crawford

Having started out in Luxury PR and Design, James has spent the last three years at Major Players becoming a freelance designer’s best friend. James Crawford walks us through his typical day as Freelance Creative and Design Manager.

How did you arrive at a career in recruitment?

Major Players was my first venture into recruitment and I’ve been here for three years now. I’ve always been involved in design and used to work in Luxury PR alongside running my own clothing brand. I’d never really given recruitment much consideration as a career to be honest, and first arrived at Major Players as a candidate looking to kick-start my career as an account exec in advertising. However, David Owen had other plans and sold me the recruitment dream, and I have never looked back!

Walk us through your day in the office.

My day in the office typically starts at 8 am. Working on the Freelance Creative team things change pretty quickly, so much of my morning is spent blitzing through briefs before pulling the team into a meeting to break down what jobs we have on the go. With so many great candidates coming onto the scene, I spend the remainder of my morning meeting them and having them walk me through my portfolios before calling clients and letting them know about the exciting new designer I’ve just met.  At lunch, I head out for a quick trip to the gym and grab something to eat from one of the many local cafes. However, being based in Covent Garden, all lunch options are pretty overpriced!

On the freelance desk, a brief can come in at very short notice. Therefore, my afternoon is often spent on the phone filling roles or in meetings with exciting new clients. Depending on how busy the day goes I finish up between 6-7 pm, but that doesn’t always mean heading straight home. Working in the design industry, there are always events going on with Major Players’ themselves often putting on networking and industry events.

Explain your industry, what jobs do you recruit for?

I specialise in recruitment for boutique design and brand agencies so the candidates that walk through the door come from a range of creative disciplines – Designers, Copywriters, Art Directions, Motion Graphics, the list goes on. Anything freelance creative, I recruit for!

I manage the freelance Design and Branding team, they are honestly fantastic. We all specialise in different areas, and each person is an expert in their sector. The best thing about my team is how well everyone gets on and the collaborative and positive attitude we all have.

What stereotypes do you dislike about recruiters?

All of them.  Recruiters can get a really bad rep but we are great! OK, there are some exceptions to that, but you never see that at Major Players.

There are honestly so many things I love about my job. I get to work with brilliant people (my team included), I work alongside fantastic agencies/brands and I get to immerse myself into an industry I feel very passionate about.

As I used to be a designer, I strongly relate to designers work– especially branding designers. Great design always has a strong rationale behind it and discussing the concept behind a body of work is one of my favourite things about meeting candidates.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Covent Garden? 

Breakfast at Dishoom is always a winner. There isn’t a queue (unlike if you go for lunch or dinner) and can’t go wrong with an egg and bacon naan.

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