UX, UI & Front-End Development:

Salary Survey 2020

One of the biggest growth areas across the sector has been within UX; whether this was creating engaging visual UI languages for e-commerce sites or brands investing in talented product designers to ensure their users have meaningful digital experiences. Animated illustrations, VR and 3D graphics in web and mobile continue to prove popular, adding to the ever developing design toolkit. Candidates with experience using Figma, Sketch, Principle and After Effect (Adobe Suite) are highly desirable.

-       62% revealed that they see themselves moving in-house or brand-side in the future

-       Near even split with 52% working in an agency and 48% working in-house at a brand

-       Nearly half work for larger companies with 200 plus employees

Key trends:

-       Brexit

-       AI and automation

-       Rise of hybrid UX/UI roles

-       Video content

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