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Salary Survey 2020

Brands are still investing massively in paid social ads as consumers become more comfortable with the concept of social shopping; particularly with the emergence of personalised ad experiences. Video and story content continues to boom, in particular TikTok which now boasts 1.5 billion users and has just launched a commercial arm, TikTok:For business

-       71% revealed that they want to move in-house to work with a brand in the future

-       More female orientated; with 71% female and 29% male

-       84% currently in permanent roles compared with 26% in freelance

Key Trends:

-       The uncertainty of Brexit

-       Shrinking marketing budgets

-       Instagram will continue dominating but younger platforms like TikTok will have a brief moment of mass popularity

-       Taking social in-house

-       Paid and organic social merging, more content production, huge focus on new channels and video

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