Product & Project Management:

Salary Survey 2021

As a consequence of the pandemic, distributed teams will continue to become the new normal across project management and product roles.

Project management is becoming increasingly hybrid, requiring enterprising professionals to quickly adapt to ever changing environments. Candidates are now expected to carry multiple skill
sets that allow them to be versatile for business needs across project, account and production.

The accelerated pace of the tech market, digital transformation, fierce competition, customer expectations and the by-product of a data-driven world have meant that product managers, and project managers with digital skill sets are high in demand.


→ A predominantly female heavy sector at
69% vs 31% male

→ BAME representation makes up 17% across these two sectors

→ Three quarters work within permanent
roles (76%), over which 55% are agency,
38% brand and 7% in start-ups

→ 61% reported to working more hours in the last year than previously

→ 36% moved companies in the last year,
either at the same level or for a promotion

→ Almost one in 5 regarded treatment of
employees during Covid-19 as a reason for wanting to leave

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