Marketing, comms & PR:

Salary Survey 2021

As with most recessions or financial downturns, roles within Marketing, PR and Comms are often sacrificed in an attempt to salvage costs. Whilst this has been the case during the pandemic, we have seen many of these budgets re-purposed and reinvested into other marketing practises
including growth & performance marketing and e-commerce.

The pandemic has elevated the importance of ethics and transparency, with businesses placing great emphasis on their brand marketing. There has been a slight shift away from marketing generalist in favour of brand or product marketers with a focus upon storytelling and brand narrative.


→ A predominantly female heavy industry
with 71%, 28% male and 1% non-binary

→ BAME representation makes up 19% within this sector

→ 86% are aged between 25-44 with the
majority working in permanent roles (86%)

→ 66% are agency based, 24% work for
brands and 10% in start-up’s

→ 65% reported to working more hours in the last year than previously

→ 24% received a promotion in the last 12
months, either internally or at another

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