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Salary Survey 2020

Over the last 12 months PR has become more integrated with the marketing function, becoming more strategic with candidates required to be multi-media content producers, story makers and owners of influencer engagement. 2020 has seen ethics and transparency driving brand communications as marketing automation and AI becomes commonplace for driving personalised consumer experiences. How you build trust with consumers has become the key to driving long term relationships with customers has become the key to driving long-term relationships with customers based on loyalty and advocacy particularly with the market effects of COVID.

-       77% female vs. 23% male, makes PR one of the most female dominated industry.

-       57% work in agency vs in-house at a brand

-       74% said culture was the most important factor in a role

Key Trends:

-       Brexit

-       Sustainability, differentiation, how to measure PR value

-       Influencer marketing progression

-       Flexible working

We continue to see brands investing into in-house marketing and communication teams, which has increased demand for marketing generalists and communication specialists. Brands are putting greater emphasis on building longer-term brand strategies with particular focus upon the rise of conscious consumerism and sustainability, and face challenges in translating these across various touch points that cut through the noise. The customer journey and experience also remains key, with it set to overtake price and product in importance during the purchasing process.

-       90% of respondents work in permanent positions

-       Females are slightly more prevalent within marketing with a 56% vs 44% split

-       40% said their marketing budget was increased in the last 12 months

Key Trends:

-       More regulation

-       SME’s are continuing to invest in marketing budgets

-       Brexit

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