Experiential & Events:

Salary Survey 2020

Prior to COVID-19, more and more brands were allocating larger budgets to experiential campaigns as over 91% of consumers felt more positive after attending an engaging event or experience. A consistent theme of these events centred around immersive technology including AI and VR. More recently, brands have reshaped their events offering by taking them online during lockdown, but as this eases, it is anticipated that brands will be keen to re-engage with their audiences, face to face.

-       15% revealed that they work more than 50 hours per week

-       Having interesting work was by far the most important factor with 72% citing it as very important

-       50/50 split on whether they will be moving to an agency or in-house at a brand in their next role

Key Trends:

-       Shrinkage of the major agencies. Lots of new boutique clients emerging. Major movement into AI and mixed reality event environment

-       Sustainability and ethical practice

-       Brexit

-       AR/VR tech

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