Digital & Creative Strategy:

Salary Survey 2021

Throughout the pandemic and the earlier part of this year there has been significant increase in the number of CRM hires made compared to the last 5 years; with a particular demand for CRM specialists with a solid understanding of analytics. Many businesses undertaking digital
transformations are investing heavily in this area including D2C brands and retailers.

Businesses continue to use machine learning and AI technology to predict the market and respond to changes in consumer behaviour. In particular, customer profiling and targeted marketing practises is allowing brands to personalise ads and their communication channels,
which further drive sales and loyalty.


→ There is an even gender split of female
(51%) to male (49%), which is encouraging as more women are entering the sector compared to the previous year (40%)

→ BAME representation accounts for 20% of this sector with Asian’s making up 14% of that figure

→ 90% are currently working in perm roles
across brand (55%), agency (37%) and
start-up’s (8%)

→ 63% have stated they have worked more hours in the last 12 months

→ 26% have moved companies, either at the same level or for a promotion, while 22% were promoted internally

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