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Salary Survey 2020

There’s an increasing trend of brands favouring in-house teams and a more favouring in-house teams and a more DIY approach to their own creative endeavours. This is partly based on cost, but also because it provides a dedicated internal team who are committed solely to the product/brand and allows for greater understanding and alignment with their audiences. Branding agencies, however, are continuing to thrive and are increasing their services to offer a more holistic approach beyond just design and branding.

-       54% work in a permanent role vs 46% currently working as freelancers

-       66% work in a small company (1-50 employees)

-       14% moved jobs in last year to receive a promotion

Key trends:

-       Brexit/business with European countries and staff

-       Sustainability and flexible working

-       Animation, motion and UX upskilling

In 2019 the majority of the market focused upon JavaScript frameworks with react.js, angular and vue dominating. There continues to be demand for skilled tech candidates across the market with experience in Javascript and Android. There has been a significant shift towards higher levels of output, leading to an increase in hiring in these areas.

-       25% of respondents have a Masters’ degree and have a high degree of specialist skills

-       Gender split is narrowing with females showing better representation in this years respondents vs previous years (43%)

-       72% work in-house at a brand as opposed to within an agency

Key trends:

-       5G

-       Brexit

-       React, GraphQL

-       JS frameworks

-       Wider technology development and integration

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