Creative, Design & Studio

Salary Survey 2021

Creative, Design & Studio continues to be of high importance to brands and agencies alike with an increased demand for those with digital and integrated design, with strong digital exposure across motion and video. With content creation at all-time high, demand for versatile candidates with a wide range of skill set, particularly those proficient in After Effects (Adobe Suite), are in high demand.

Demand is also high for those who can assist content creation including art workers, copywriters and graphic designers. Retouching and 3D freelancers continue to be highly sought after, especially those with experience working across multiple programmes including Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Maya and Sketch-Up.


→ Data suggests there is an almost even gender split with 52% female, 47% male and 1% non-binary

→ BAME representation makes up 15% of those from the Creative, Design & Studio sector

→ Almost one third work as freelancers, while 63% are in permanent roles. Over 61% work agency, 35% brand and 4% start-up

→ 59% said they had worked less than the previous 12 months suggesting the majority of employees in the sector had been furloughed for most of the pandemic

→ 22% had moved roles within the last year, while a further 40% were looking to leave their current role within the next 6 months

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