Client Services:

Salary Survey 2021

The client services industry was greatly impacted by the pandemic but since the start of the year, we have experienced an increasingly high demand for candidates, particularly across Account Manager to Account Director levels. Roles continue to become more hybrid, with many businesses combining account management and project management, with the expectation that candidates
are able to undertake elements of each.

Businesses have become increasingly varied in their approach to candidates, seeking account handling professionals from a more diverse background beyond just the traditional FMCG route, with integrated experience. There has also been an surge in demand for those with knowledge of CRM.


→ Almost two thirds that make up client services are female (70%)

→ The data suggests that almost all of those working in this sector are aged between 25-44 years old

→ BAME representation suggest 20%
of those in this sector identify their
ethnicity as mixed

→ 90% are currently working in perm roles, with the other 10% working hybrid

→ 1 in 3 have experienced their salary or
day rate decreasing in the last 12 months

→ Despite 70% of respondents suggesting they are satisfied in their current role, over half are open to changing roles

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