Salary Survey 2021

The role of Business Development is going to be integral to the recovery of a post-Covid world with many businesses having pivoted their products and service over the last 12 months. The opportunity to offer clients a wider range of solutions is far greater than it’s ever been but the
challenge will be centred on how best to approach prospective and current clients in a time where budgets are still heavily scrutinised.

Technology and data will continue to play a big role with businesses seeking out those capable of utilising data and reporting to inform their strategy. There is great demand for candidates with
varied skill sets who are able to be flexible and versatile in their approach, supporting the business in multiple areas as it navigates the new world.


→ Data suggests there is a relatively even
gender split with 53% female vs 47% male

→ The majority are aged between 25-44 with 86% working in a permanent role

→ BAME representation makes up 4%, the lowest in any creative industry sector

→ 46% are currently working agency side
with 44% brand side and 10% working in

→ 7 out of 10 participants have stated they are working more than they did in the
previous 12 months. Despite this 90% are
satisfied in their current role

→ Last year 76% were looking to change
roles, this is dramatically decreased with
only 30% looking to leave their current

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