Build and grow your business from the inside out with a specialist talent partner and a network of over 400,000 digital, creative and tech professionals

Major Partners in a nutshell

People are crucial to the success of any start-up or fast growth business, and an inability to find the right ones can often be a stumbling block to growth.

  • Trusted talent expert or experts as part of your team
  • Tried and tested recruitment processes to deliver a slick in-house operation
  • Access to an unrivalled talent pool and the tools to continue to recruit in-house
  • A reduction in the hiring manager’s workload and the average time-to-hire
  • Expedited growth of your business
  • Reduce your recruitment fees


Bringing recruitment in-house can reduce costs by up to 50%. We want your business to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible. Major Partners will expedite your recruitment process while delivering better results. It will also free up your management to focus on growing other areas of the business. 

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