Be Awesome Night school

Due to the situation around Covid-19, for the time being we will be moving parts of our Be Awesome Night School to be online webinars. Although we still plan on delivering most of our sessions in person in the future, we have chosen a few courses from the programme that fit within the relevancy of digital spaces and are suitable for online teaching. While we are disappointed of the change in circumstances, we are excited to be able to offer Be Awesome as an online experience.

Do you want to skill-up this summer and focus on mastering creativity? Is it time to tackle imposter syndrome and get access to the career development you deserve?

This is your chance to become a student once again as Major Players will be opening the doors to The Be Awesome Night School to all our Major Collective freelancers. Brush up on important industry skills and take away key learnings and insights from our roster of talented top trainers! Tickets are available next month, so watch this space. Best of all, it’s totally free!

Offer includes:

  • A 12-session programme of personal development classes for the Major Players audience.
  • 3-8 high quality trainers delivering classes of interest to advertising industry.

Module 4

Surviving as a freelancer

Resilience with Liz Nottingham -
Thursday May 7th

Have you ever wondered how you keep going when times get tough? Have you been criticised? What happens when a piece of work bombed? Resilience is a sign of being human and a fundamental life skill. We all have it; we don't always use it and we often forget that we can access it. Life can be tough. The ability to be strong and flexible in the face of adversity and recover quickly, will allow you to better manage difficult situations in the future. Become resilient – you will stay healthy and your career will fly. This highly interactive workshop will explore your responses and give you some pointers for the future.

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How To Get What You Want with Lydia Amoah
Tuesday May 12th

Feel like you’re not getting what you want in the workplace? In Lydia’s hands-on workshop, we’ll understand how to move beyond being intimidated by authority through walking through your current challenges step-by-step. We’ll build your self-belief to be taken seriously and develop kick-ass workplace energy. You’ll come away with a new recognition of your own value and the confidence to stand in your power.

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Play Big with Liz Nottingham
Thursday May 14th

Our sense of self esteem and confidence can often hold us back. We may doubt our skills and abilities and may believe that we have to tick all 10 things on the job description to an Olympic gold standard before we can consider ourselves worthy of an application.

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Reflection & Growth with Kate Kozenkova
Tuesday 26th May

Discover how you in yourself influence a complex and dynamic workplace culture and how to thrive. In this interactive workshop, you’ll reflect upon your current and past experiences and open up to new opportunities and personal growth.

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Programme Modules

Module 1: Looking at myself

  • Personal brand: Define who you are in the workplace and how to leave a good impression.
  • Powerful presentation: Learn how to deliver a strong pitch with confidence and presence.
  • Reflection and growth: Discover how to navigate and thrive in a complex and dynamic workplace culture.


Module 2: My career

  • Creative storytelling: Learn how to tell a compelling narrative in a way that makes people want to stop, listen and convert.
  • Busting briefs and bagging business: Discover how to decipher briefs, problem-solve, bring your best creative game forward and recieve a successful client sign off.
  • Goals for 2021: Explore how to set a clear, realistic career direction, and a trajectory to get yourself there.


Module 3: Working in teams

  • Negotiation: How to reach an agreement that work while building a constructive and healthy relationship.
  • Creative collaboration: Learn how to collab effectively with different creative types; uniting around a common purpose and getting the most out of your shared creativity.
  • Innovative ideation: Learn how to stretch your imagination and creativity to ideate effectively; building solid conceptual foundations for inclusive solutions.


Module 4: Surviving as a freelancer

  • How to get what you want: Walk through your current challenges step by step and understand how to overcome and grow in your creativity.
  • Building resilience: Learn how to be strong and flexible in the face of adversity and how to recover quickly in difficult situations.
  • Playing big: Our sense of self-esteem and confidence can often hold us back, but it doesn’t need to. Learn how to work with your safety.