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Facts, figures, focus groups, trends, analysis and stats. You love it, and so do we. As well as traditional qualitative and quantitative research jobs, we also have our ear to the ground for Operational roles in Online, DP, Field/F2F, CATI and Events. 

What makes us the industry's first and only choice?

  • Best jobs: Our superior coverage means we get access to research jobs our competition can only dream of
  • Career guidance: We do more than just find you a job, we'll actively advise you on the best way to achieve your career goals
  • Widest coverage: We can draw on our other teams to find you great jobs in planning, innovation, strategy and web analytics
  • Industry knowledge: We're total R&I anoraks who'll keep you abreast of the latest developments in your sector
  • New opportunities: Working with our digital team, we can find you roles in booming areas like digital/online marketing and social media metrics

So what exactly are we waiting for? Browse the hottest research jobs now! 

We recruit for contract, freelance and permanent jobs across all levels:

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