Meet the Team

Rosie Black Creative & Design Contact
Tiku Shah Business Development Contact
Samantha McHarg-Sharp PR & Communications Contact
Jess Binks Design & Branding Contact
Raoul Rechnitz Marketing Contact
Fiona Craig Research & Planning Contact
Kate Bergman Digital Marketing & Content Contact
Rebecca Harris Account Management Contact
Ben Humphries Creative Services Contact
Kate Woodcock Experiential & Events Contact
Kennedy Rees Freelance Digital Marketing Contact
Tor Sandford Freelance Account Handling Contact
Tiffany Trigg Freelance Creative Services Contact
Edwina Wickham Freelance Creative Design Contact

Finding the right consultant

Finding the right recruitment consultant is a lot like finding the right job. It's all about chemistry. At Major Players we pair you up with a consultant who knows your corner of the market inside out and who'll take the time to get to know you and your career goals.

How we find your dream job:

Envy-inducing clients: The kind you’d give your left arm to work for (don’t worry – we only ask for your CV) 


  • Greater scope: Our specialist teams draw on each other's resources to find you great roles in sectors you may not have considered!
  • Specialist knowledge: Our consultants are ex-industry experts who'll keep you on top of the latest developments in your sector
  • Career guidance: If we think you're taking the wrong path, we'll tell you. Then we'll tell you what to do to get back on track
  • Honest approach: We won't ever try to shoe-horn you into a role. We'll only ever place you in jobs where we think you'll be a good fit